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Deposit fee
for booking appointments 

For any appointment you'll have to pay a deposit that will go towards your balance at your fitting 

this is to insure us that you'll come to your appointment.  this deposit is nonrefundable.

BRIDES deposit -$30

BRIDESMAIDS/MOB deposit $15 

if you don't show up to your appointment  you will not  get a refund. you'll have to pay another deposit that doesn't go toward your balance, that amount is $50.00

after the second NO CALL NO SHOW you'll be marked black listed and we well not have you as a customer. all deposits are NONREFUNDABLE 

Sew it’s time to start alterations?

Once you found that dream dress, you’re going to want to start alterations 4-5 months before the wear date. 

This means you MUST have you appointment already scheduled 6 months before the wedding. 

We have amazing packages for every bride.  

Anything from just the bride’s alterations to everyone in your wedding party. 

those who pay cash get 5% off their total amount due.

payment is always due at first fitting 

Ciara’s Alterations is located in Merritt island,Fl. 

If you need quick alterations there is a 100% charge fee to all appointments that are booked only 6 weeks before the wear date 

We are asking everyone to only bring 2-3 other guest with you to your fitting. If you request more it needs to be accepted first with Ciara.

No one is required to wear a mask 

We clean every day to keep everyone safe. 

If you require special requirements please let us know BEFORE your appointment- thank you 


What to bring to your fitting 

1. Dress - of course don’t forget 

2. Shoes- you must bring your day of shoes 

3. Undergarments - shape wear or bra 

4. Only bring a few people with you to your appointment  

5. Money - payment is always due at your first fitting 

6. You can bring your veil but not required 






Ciara’s Alterations

2460 N. Courtenay pkwy, Merritt island, 32953 

Unit 210

Call 321-576-8014

By appointment only 

on Tuesdays and Saturdays 

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